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Duplex Stainless Steel Seamless Steel Pipe with Packaging on Pallets

Duplex Stainless Steel Seamless Steel Pipe with Packaging on Pallets
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Packing: Bundles, Wooden Cases, Pallets, Etc.
Standard: ASTM, ASME, ISO, JIS, Etc.
Ends: Plain, Beveled, Threaded
Outer Diameter: 21.3mm - 508mm
Length: 6M/12M
Material: Austenitic Stainless Steel, Ferritic Stainless Steel, Duplex Stainless Steel
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Seamless Stainless Steel Pipe


ASME Seamless Steel Pipe

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Seamless Steel Pipe
Certification: BV, SGS, ABS
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Plastic plugs in both ends, Hexagonal bundles of max. 2,000kg with several steel strips, Two tags on each bundle, Wrapped in waterproof paper, PVC sleeve, and sackcloth with several steel strips, Plastic caps.
Delivery Time: 5-7 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 10000 tons/year
Product Description

Product Description:

Our seamless pipes are crafted with precision and expertise from high-quality materials, offering an excellent solution for multiple industrial applications. Without any welds or joints, their seamless construction ensures a smooth and uninterrupted inner surface, eliminating weak points and potential leakage.

Manufactured with advanced techniques, our seamless pipes have excellent dimensional accuracy for a precise fit and optimal functionality. They come in a wide range of sizes, diameters, and thicknesses to suit your projects. Furthermore, our pipes are manufactured from superior-grade materials that are specifically selected for their mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. This allows them to stand up to extreme conditions, including high temperatures, pressure, and corrosive environments.

For unparalleled craftsmanship, exceptional performance, and massive versatility, choose our seamless pipes. Their strength, durability, and reliability make them perfect for critical applications and everyday use.



Seamless pipes offer a variety of advantages to engineers. They are manufactured without any welding or joints along their length, which provides a smooth, uninterrupted inner surface, eliminating weak points and reducing the risk of leaks or failure. Furthermore, they boast superior strength and structural integrity, thanks to the absence of welds or joints. Their load-bearing capacity is enhanced, allowing them to withstand high pressures and heavy loads. Additionally, they are often made from corrosion-resistant materials, such as stainless steel or alloy steel, ensuring long-term durability. Lastly, they boast precise dimensional accuracy, resulting in consistent and accurate dimensions. This facilitates easy installation and maintenance, as components fit tightly together and are compatible with various fittings, valves, and other components.


Technical Parameters:

Seamless pipes vary in sizes, which is usually measured in inches or millimeters. The diameter is essential for the compatibility with fittings and connections. Additionally, the wall thickness of seamless pipes is critical for determining its strength and pressure rating - it is usually measured in inches or millimeters.

The length of seamless pipes also varies greatly, typically in the range between 6 and 12 meters. Longer or shorter lengths may also be available, depending on the specification that is requested. In terms of material, the composition and properties of the pipe depend on the type of material grade that is used - such as carbon steel, stainless steel, or alloy steel, etc - and how this affects its corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, and mechanical strength.



Uses for Seamless Pipes
Oil and Gas Industry

Seamless pipes are essential components in the oil and gas industry. They are used for exploration, production, and transportation of oil, gas, and other petroleum products. Such pipes are found in pipelines, offshore platforms, refineries, and petrochemical plants.

Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

Seamless pipes are essential in the chemical and petrochemical industry, providing materials for conveying corrosive chemicals, acids, and gases. These pipes are majorly utilized in chemical processing plants, fertilizer manufacturing, and in storage facilities.

Power Generation

Seamless pipes have many applications in power plants as well. They are used in steam systems, boiler tubes, heat exchangers, and high-pressure piping. These pipes play an important role in energy generation, both from fossil fuels and renewable energy sources.


Support and Services:

Seamless Steel Pipe offers comprehensive technical support and service to ensure the best customer experience. Our technical support team is available 24/7 to provide assistance with installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance. Additionally, we offer ongoing technical training, product updates, and warranty services to ensure that your product is always up to date and running smoothly.


Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping of Seamless Steel Pipe

Seamless steel pipes are generally packed in bundles or single pipes. They are bundled with steel strips or plastic belts, and then wrapped in plastic cloth or waterproof paper. The packing method is also different according to the customer's requirements.

The delivery of seamless steel pipes mainly includes two methods: rail transportation and sea transportation. The route and cost of each transportation method is different. The customer can choose the most suitable transportation according to the actual situation.

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