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API Pipe Steel Casing Pipe with Outer Diameter 21.3 1420 Mm and Cold Drawn Technique

API Pipe Steel Casing Pipe with Outer Diameter 21.3 1420 Mm and Cold Drawn Technique
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End Connection: Male/female Threaded
Technique: Cold Drawn,cold Rolled
Outer Diameter: 21.3 - 1420 Mm
Base Pipe Material: API5CT N80 L80 P110
Special Pipe: API Pipe
Mold: Customer Required
Ndt: ET, HT, RT, PT
Material: Steel
High Light:

Cold Drawn Steel Casing Pipe


Outer Diameter 1420Mm Steel Casing Pipe


API Pipe Steel Casing Pipe

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Certification: ISO; SGS;BV
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: AS Customer Request
Payment Terms: L/C; T/T
Product Description

Product Description:

Steel Casing Pipe - Carbon Steel Casing Tube for Water Transport

The Steel Casing Pipe, also known as Carbon Steel Casing Tube, is a crucial component used in the transport of water. It is a type of pipe that is made from carbon steel, a strong and durable material that is able to withstand high pressure and extreme temperatures.

End Connection

The Steel Casing Pipe comes with two end connection options: Male Threaded and Female Threaded. This allows for easy installation and connection to other pipes or fittings.


The Steel Casing Pipe is available with Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) methods such as ET (Eddy Current Testing), HT (Hydrostatic Testing), RT (Radiographic Testing), and PT (Penetrant Testing). These methods ensure the quality and integrity of the pipe, making it safe for use in water transport.


The Steel Casing Pipe is also known as Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger Tube. This name is given due to its application in heat exchangers, where it is used to transfer heat between two fluids.


The Steel Casing Pipe is manufactured using the Cold Drawn and Cold Rolled techniques. These methods involve pulling the pipe through a die to form its shape and then rolling it to give it a smooth finish. This ensures a high-quality and precise product.


The primary use of Steel Casing Pipe is for water transport. Its strong and durable material, along with its NDT methods, make it suitable for use in various water systems. It can also be used in other applications, such as in the oil and gas industry.
In conclusion, the Steel Casing Pipe is a crucial component in the transport of water, thanks to its strong and durable carbon steel material, various end connection options, NDT methods, and versatile use. It is a reliable and high-quality product that ensures the safe and efficient transport of water.



  • Product Name: Steel Casing Pipe
  • End Connection: Male/female Threaded
  • Base Pipe Material: API5CT N80 L80 P110
  • Slot: 0.2-3mm
  • Outer Diameter: 21.3 - 1420 Mm
  • Special Pipe: API Pipe
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Tube Type: Casing Tube
  • Available Sizes: 21.3mm, 26.7mm, 33.4mm, 42.2mm, 48.3mm, 60.3mm, 73mm, 88.9mm, 114.3mm, 141.3mm, 168.3mm, 219.1mm, 273.1mm, 323.9mm, 406.4mm, 457.2mm, 508mm, 609.6mm, 711.2mm, 812.8mm, 914.4mm, 1066.8mm, 1219.2mm, 1422.4mm

Technical Parameters:

ItemStainless Steel Heat Exchanger Tube
Surface TreatmentBare, Black Painting, Anti-corrosion Coating, 3PE, FBE, Epoxy Coating, Galvanized, Varnish
TechniqueCold Drawn, Cold Rolled
Outer Diameter21.3 - 1420 mm
End ConnectionMale/Female Threaded
UseFor Water Transport
Base Pipe MaterialAPI5CT N80 L80 P110
PackingIn Bundles, In Loose, Plastic End Caps or According to Customers' Requirements
Thickness2.11mm~300mm, 2.11mm~300mm
KeywordsCarbon Steel Casing Tube, Carbon Steel Casing Tube, Carbon Steel Casing Tube


Steel Casing Pipe

Steel Casing Pipe is a type of carbon steel pipe that is used in various industries and applications. It is a versatile and durable product that is manufactured in China and meets international standards of quality. The product is widely used in different industries due to its excellent properties and reliability.

Place of Origin

The Steel Casing Pipe is manufactured in China with high-quality materials and advanced techniques. China has a strong reputation for producing top-notch steel products and the Steel Casing Pipe is no exception. The product is made with precision and care, ensuring its superior quality and performance.


The Steel Casing Pipe is certified by ISO, SGS, and BV. These certifications guarantee that the product meets the highest standards of quality, safety, and efficiency. The Steel Casing Pipe undergoes strict quality control measures to ensure that it is free from defects and flaws. This makes it a reliable and trustworthy product for various applications.

Minimum Order Quantity

The minimum order quantity for Steel Casing Pipe is 1 ton. This makes it suitable for small and large-scale projects alike. Customers can order the required amount of product without any restrictions, making it convenient and cost-effective.

Packaging Details

The Steel Casing Pipe is packaged according to the customer's request. It can be packed in bundles, in loose form, or with plastic end caps. This ensures that the product is protected during transportation and reaches the customer safely. Customized packaging options are also available to meet specific requirements.

Payment Terms

The Steel Casing Pipe can be purchased through L/C (Letter of Credit) or T/T (Telegraphic Transfer). These are safe and secure payment methods that give customers peace of mind while making their purchase. The flexible payment terms make it easier for customers to buy the product without any financial constraints.


The Steel Casing Pipe is manufactured using the cold-drawn and cold-rolled technique. This technique involves pulling the steel through a die to shape it and then rolling it to achieve the desired thickness. This process ensures that the product has a smooth surface finish and accurate dimensions, making it suitable for various applications.


The Steel Casing Pipe is available in different packing options such as bundles, loose form, or with plastic end caps. This makes it convenient for transportation and storage. Customers can choose the packing option that best suits their requirements and needs.

Special Pipe

The Steel Casing Pipe is a special type of pipe known as API Pipe. API stands for American Petroleum Institute, and it refers to the quality and standards of the product. The Steel Casing Pipe meets the API specifications and is widely used in the oil and gas industry for various applications.

Outer Diameter

The Steel Casing Pipe has an outer diameter that ranges from 21.3 mm to 1420 mm. This wide range of diameters makes it suitable for various applications in different industries. The product can be customized to meet specific diameter requirements, making it a versatile and adaptable choice.


The Steel Casing Pipe undergoes non-destructive testing (NDT) to ensure its quality and performance. The NDT methods used for this product include ET (Eddy Current Testing), HT (Hydrostatic Testing), RT (Radiographic Testing), and PT (Penetrant Testing). These tests detect any defects or flaws in the product and ensure that it meets the required standards.


Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping

Steel Casing Pipe is typically packaged and shipped in the following ways:

  • Wrapped in plastic or paper and bundled with steel straps for protection during transportation.
  • Packed in wooden crates or boxes for added support and to prevent damage during shipment.
  • Shipped in bulk on flatbed trucks or in containers for large quantities.
  • Custom packaging options are available upon request.

For international shipping, the Steel Casing Pipe may also undergo additional packaging and documentation processes to comply with customs regulations and ensure safe delivery.
We work with trusted shipping partners to provide efficient and reliable transportation of our Steel Casing Pipe to our customers around the world.
Once the product has been packaged and shipped, we will provide our customers with all necessary shipping documents and tracking information for easy monitoring of the delivery status.
Our goal is to ensure that our Steel Casing Pipe reaches our customers in perfect condition and on time, no matter where they are located.

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