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API Carbon Steel Casing Tube Cold Rolled Technique 2.11mm-300mm NDT ET/HT/RT/PT

API Carbon Steel Casing Tube Cold Rolled Technique 2.11mm-300mm NDT ET/HT/RT/PT
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Material: Steel
Special Pipe: API Pipe
Use: For Water Transport
Thickness: 2.11mm~300mm, 2.11mm~300mm
Packing: In Bundles, In Loose, Plastic End Caps Or According To Customers' Requirements
Base Pipe Material: API5CT N80 L80 P110
Technique: Cold Drawn,cold Rolled
Ndt: ET, HT, RT, PT
Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: JOHO
Certification: ISO; SGS;BV
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: AS Customer Request
Delivery Time: within 40 days
Payment Terms: L/C; T/T
Product Description

Product Description:

The Steel Casing Pipe is a premium industrial component critical for a variety of construction, drilling, and manufacturing applications. As a customer-oriented product, it is tailored to meet the specific requirements of clients, providing a versatile and reliable solution for those in need of robust casing solutions. The product's adaptability is highlighted by the customizable mold, whereby customers can specify the exact specifications necessary for their unique purposes, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility with their projects.

One of the key attributes of this Steel Casing Pipe is its significant range of outer diameters. Starting from 21.3 mm and extending up to a substantial 1420 mm, this range accommodates a wide array of applications, from small-scale operations to large infrastructure projects. This broad spectrum of sizes allows for flexibility and suitability for various installations, making it a go-to option for professionals seeking precision and adaptability in their casing pipes.

The base pipe material for this product is derived from high-quality API5CT grades N80, L80, and P110. These materials are renowned for their exceptional strength, durability, and corrosion resistance, ensuring that the Steel Casing Pipe can withstand harsh environments and demanding conditions. Whether it is used in oil drilling, water wells, or as structural support, the robust nature of the API5CT steel grades guarantees a long service life and a high degree of safety for any application.

This item is specifically designed as a Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger Tube, making it an ideal choice for thermal applications. The stainless steel composition offers excellent heat transfer properties and is resistant to scaling and other forms of degradation that can occur at high temperatures. This attribute makes the Steel Casing Pipe particularly suitable for heat exchanger systems, where maintaining the integrity of the tube is paramount for efficient operation and energy conservation.

In addition to its versatile applications, this Steel Casing Pipe is classified as a Special Pipe under the API Pipe category. This designation attests to its compliance with the American Petroleum Institute's standards for high-quality pipes used in the petroleum industry and other critical sectors. The API certification is a testament to the pipe's superior design, manufacture, and performance, aligning with stringent industry regulations and ensuring reliability in the field.

Given the demanding environments where the Steel Casing Pipe is often employed, it is crucial to emphasize its composition as a Carbon Steel Casing Tube. Carbon steel is favored for its excellent tensile strength and impact resistance, qualities that are essential for pipes that may be subjected to high pressures and mechanical stresses. The repeated mention of "Carbon Steel Casing Tube" underlines the importance of this material's properties in contributing to the overall structural integrity and longevity of the casing pipe.

The Carbon Steel Casing Tube is not only strong but also versatile. Its compatibility with a range of coatings and linings allows it to be used in environments where chemical resistance is necessary, further extending its applications. The Carbon Steel Casing Tube is also known for its ease of fabrication and welding, which facilitates quick and efficient installation, saving time and reducing labor costs on projects.

In conclusion, the Steel Casing Pipe, with its customizable mold, wide range of outer diameters, robust API5CT materials, and specialized design for heat exchange, represents a top-tier choice for professionals in need of a reliable and adaptable casing solution. The product's status as a Special API Pipe and its composition as a Carbon Steel Casing Tube further enhance its appeal, making it a product that stands out for its quality, versatility, and compliance with industry standards. Whatever the application, the Steel Casing Pipe is engineered to deliver excellence and performance.



  • Product Name: Steel Casing Pipe
  • Item: Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger Tube
  • Packing: In Bundles, In Loose, Plastic End Caps Or According To Customers' Requirements
  • Slot: 0.2-3mm
  • Mold: Customer Required
  • Surface Treatment: Bare, Black Painting, Anti-corrosion Coating, 3PE, FBE, Epoxy Coating, Galvanized, Varnish
  • Keywords: Carbon Steel Casing Tube, Carbon Steel Casing Tube, Carbon Steel Casing Tube

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Description
Special Pipe API Pipe
Base Pipe Material API5CT N80 L80 P110
Ndt ET, HT, RT, PT
Surface Treatment Bare, Black Painting, Anti-corrosion Coating, 3PE, FBE, Epoxy Coating, Galvanized, Varnish
Packing In Bundles, In Loose, Plastic End Caps Or According To Customers' Requirements
Thickness 2.11mm~300mm
Item Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger Tube
Mold Customer Required
End Connection Male/female Threaded
Technique Cold Drawn, Cold Rolled
Product Type Carbon Steel Casing Tube


The JOHO brand Steel Casing Pipe, originating from China, is an essential component in a multitude of industrial and construction applications. Certified by recognized international standards such as ISO, SGS, and BV, this product guarantees quality and reliability. With the flexibility of a minimum order quantity of just 1TON, it caters to both large-scale projects and smaller, specialized requirements. The packaging details are meticulously tailored to customer requests, ensuring that the product arrives in perfect condition, ready for use.

Delivery of the JOHO Steel Casing Pipe is promised within 40 days, a testament to the brand's commitment to efficiency. Payment terms are customer-friendly, offering options like L/C and T/T, which provide flexibility and convenience for various business operations. One of the notable features of this product is the end connection, which comes with male/female threading that allows for a secure and easy installation process.

JOHO takes customization a step further with the ability to create molds as per customer requirements. This level of personalization ensures that the Steel Casing Pipe fits seamlessly into the specific demands of each project. The surface treatment options are extensive – from bare, black painting, anti-corrosion coating, 3PE, FBE, epoxy coating, to galvanized and varnish finishes, each providing a unique set of benefits, including extended service life and improved resistance to environmental factors.

Made from robust steel, the material of choice for high-strength applications, the JOHO Steel Casing Pipe comes in a range of thicknesses from 2.11mm to 300mm, accommodating various levels of pressure and structural requirements. This flexibility makes it an ideal choice for Carbon Steel Casing Tube applications, where durability and performance are paramount.

The JOHO Carbon Steel Casing Tube is particularly well-suited for oil and gas exploration and transport, where the high-quality steel construction offers reliable containment for valuable resources. Its anti-corrosion properties are critical in these scenarios, protecting the product from harsh subsurface environments. In the realm of water well construction, the Carbon Steel Casing Tube is equally important, providing a stable structure to prevent contamination and collapse.

Additionally, the JOHO Carbon Steel Casing Tube is frequently used in construction for piling purposes, serving as a sturdy foundation for buildings, bridges, and other structures. The thick-walled, high-strength characteristics of the casing ensure it can withstand significant loads and stresses over time. For utility services such as electrical or fiber-optic cables, the protective casing is essential for safeguarding critical infrastructure.

In conclusion, the JOHO Steel Casing Pipe is a versatile product, adaptable to a wide range of applications and scenarios. Its robust construction and customizable features make it a preferred choice for industries that demand the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and performance.



Brand Name: JOHO

Place of Origin: China

Certification: ISO; SGS;BV

Minimum Order Quantity: 1TON

Packaging Details: AS Customer Request

Delivery Time: within 40 days

Payment Terms: L/C; T/T

Packing: In Bundles, In Loose, Plastic End Caps Or According To Customers' Requirements

Mold: Customer Required

End Connection: Male/female Threaded

Technique: Cold Drawn, cold Rolled

Slot: 0.2-3mm

Our JOHO Carbon Steel Casing Tube offers premium quality and customization to meet your project's specific needs. Crafted with precision techniques such as cold drawn and cold rolled processes, our Carbon Steel Casing Tube is designed for durability and performance. The slot size ranges from 0.2-3mm, catering to various industrial applications. Available in both male and female threaded end connections, our Carbon Steel Casing Tube can be tailored with custom molds as per your requirements. Ensuring safe and secure delivery, we offer flexible packaging options, including bundles, loose packing, and plastic end caps, all according to our customers' preferences.


Support and Services:

Our Steel Casing Pipe comes with comprehensive technical support and services designed to ensure seamless integration into your projects. Our team of experts is committed to providing assistance with product selection, engineering specifications, and installation guidelines to maximize the performance and longevity of your Steel Casing Pipe.

To help you get the most out of our product, we offer detailed product documentation, including technical data sheets, material certifications, and quality assurance reports. These documents are readily available to support your project planning and execution phases.

Our service package also includes on-site support for complex projects. Our technical specialists can provide hands-on assistance with pipe handling, jointing, and field welding procedures to ensure your installation meets all industry standards and safety regulations.

In the unlikely event of product issues, our technical support team is prepared to work with you to diagnose problems, recommend solutions, and facilitate any necessary product repairs or replacements in line with our warranty policy.

For any technical questions or additional support needs, please reach out to our customer service team. We are dedicated to the success of your projects and are here to provide the support you need, every step of the way.


Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging for Steel Casing Pipe:

Our steel casing pipes are packaged with utmost care to ensure they reach you in perfect condition. Each pipe is coated with a rust preventative solution and then wrapped in waterproof material to protect it from moisture during transportation. The pipes are securely strapped to robust wooden pallets or steel frames, which provide stability and prevent movement that could cause damage. The size and weight of the pallets conform to international shipping standards to facilitate handling and minimize shipping costs.

Shipping for Steel Casing Pipe:

Shipping of our steel casing pipes is conducted with reliability and timeliness as top priorities. We work with a network of trusted freight carriers to offer a range of shipping options, including ground, sea, and air freight. Before dispatch, all packages are thoroughly inspected to ensure they are secure and correctly labeled with the necessary shipping information, including handling instructions, weight, dimensions, and tracking details. We strive to provide you with a seamless delivery experience, keeping you informed at every step of the way until your product arrives safely at its destination.

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